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Colombian-American rapper from Lil' Havana (predominatly hispaic neighborhood in south eastern Miami, FL) who was raised on welfare.
ctraffik's new cd came out!
by jonathan March 10, 2003
Sexyness, in black gay male form.
I haven't been fucked by a SmartJova in a while.
by Jonathan February 07, 2003
cool, phat, "hip", fashionable, (see of the chain/hook)
Yo0 this party's Off The Rocks!!
This Shirt's Off The Rocks!
Yea, its Off The Rocks
(Note: used as off the chain/hook,etc.
by Jonathan October 06, 2003
"kinda sorta" backwards. It has the same meaning, but sounds worse.
-Having a Good Day?

-Meh... (kinda sorta/sorta kinda)
by Jonathan December 02, 2004
A hipster. Don't mess with this guy cause he's so cool, he'll blow you mind like the nickel shine, boy.
Damn, man. You are so FLASHWING it's not even funny.


Who's that guy coming up in my place thinking he's Flashwing or something?
by Jonathan August 24, 2003
can refer to a Revolver Handgun because of its coglike revolving cylinder.
Don't front like you don't wanna pull your cog out in front of Bunz - BELLY (restaraunt scene)
by jonathan May 01, 2004
A box you keep a baby in when it is whining and bitching too much, and you just need a break.
GOD DAMNIT! It's the baby box for YOU again mister!
by Jonathan December 17, 2003

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