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Is the myth the legend the man.
Dennis: Who's Fridh?
Carl: He is the man
Richard: Don't forget that he is the legend to!
by Jonathan May 29, 2004
A circumcised male.
Instead of picking teams, the guys divided up between CLEAN HEADS and cheese dicks for a game of hoops.
by Jonathan January 20, 2004
big nice firm butt, with perfect se off big breast, nice thighs and a great figure
see that girl right there, she is gumongamous
by Jonathan September 12, 2003
goes round and round - see endless loop
Ah nah man, this program is stuck in a loop, endless.
#endless loop #endless #loop #repetition #repeat
by Jonathan June 11, 2006
Born (Alan) George Heywood Melly (1926-), Jazz singer, art historian and raconteur. Sang with Mick Mulligan’s Magnolia Jazz Band 1946-61 and since 1974 with John Chilton’s Feetwarmers. His early experiences in the Royal Navy and as an assistant at the London Gallery are recalled in Rum, Bum, and Cocertina (1977) and Don’t Tell Sybill (1997). With Willy Fawkes (Trog) wrote the Strip cartoon Flook (1956-1971). From 1965-1973 was Observer critic for (successively) pop music, film and TV, and has since widely lectured on art. Other books include owning up (1964), The Media Mob, (with Barry Fantoni, 1980) and works on surrealism and primitive art.
Who's the fella in the stripey suit, eyepatch and singing those bawdy Blues songs? Why, it's none other than George Melly. Didn't he have a radio show on the BBC? Why, yes he did. He's a great bloke, is George!
by Jonathan October 03, 2004
This is when a prominent musician, singer, actor, entertainer 'finds' God then finds he can only produce inspipid, mindless rubbish afterwards or everything he/she subsequently does from then on in has to be infused with elements of their new found faith. See Cliff Richard as an example of this.
He was an amazingly fluent musician who played with fire and power but as soon as he became christed he began to produce some of the most bland and syrupy music known to humankind. It was a waste of immense talent.
by Jonathan June 22, 2004
A term you would call an irishman with the last name "Derby" to piss him off because you are a cigar smoking cheese holed dick bastard who'd like a punch in the mouth.
Hey! Throw the darts McDerby! *recieves a punch in the face*
by Jonathan April 09, 2004
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