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A favor that a man asks of another man, that to an outside party, would indicate that the pair might be gay. The favor would normally be fufilled by a female and gayvors are only asked for when there is no other option.
Hey Steve I hate to ask, but could you do me a gayvor and put sunscreen on my back.
by Jonas Wakefield June 23, 2006
This is a person whom was conceieved only when their parents had scat sex. The marriage was lack luster and required the use of the cleavland steamer, hot carl, ect. to muster the passion needed to create a child. This child/adult is always annoying, mischeavious, ugly, and or a general pain in the ass.
Of course Ronnie didn't close the gate, he's a scat baby for christ's sake.
by Jonas Wakefield March 16, 2006
The overjoyed sound a male somtimes belts out at the moment of climax. Generally following several other inane screeches and moans. This term also can be used in a social setting to mark approval, happiness, alarm, or be used as a warm greeting.
Oh.. oh.. I think I'm gonna.. eout eout eout BOUET!!!
by Jonas Wakefield February 16, 2006

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