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An amazing actress, singer, and teen sensation. Knocked Miley Cyrus off her pedestal and is the reigning Disney queen. Pretty and talented. Hates by jealous, immature tweens who believe that they will one day marry a Jonas Brother. Also hated by insane 12-year-olds because not only is she one of the most talented 15-year-olds, but because Nick Jonas called her "cute". She is the definition of what a real role model should be.
Kat: Hey, did you hear Miley's new single "7 things"?
Sue: HELLS TO THE NO! I don't listen to that slut! I prefer the more talented Demi Lovato. I just created a definition for her on Urban Dictionary
Kat: really?
Sue: Yep! But jealous tweeny boppers with no lives are gonna give it lots of 'thumbs down'
by Jonas Jonas Jonas July 10, 2008

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