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This phrase is similar to others such as
totally cool
totally sweet
insanely awesome
insanely bitch'n

It is most commonly used to refer to the band Funeral Moon and other asscore bands
some Guy: dude, funeral moon is dope as fuck
Some other guy: yeah they ripped ass at the show last night
by Jonas Hill November 05, 2007
D.A.F. Dope-As-Fuck
Adjective synomous with other such as cool, sweet, dope bitch'n
It is similar to the other words, but taken to the max in all instances of use.
Some Guy: Dude, That movie was D.A.F.
Some Other Guy:Indeed it was like the greatest thing since clairvoyant's science fiction double feature cd
by Jonas Hill November 05, 2007
It is synomous to adjectives such as cool and sweet.
Some Guy: Dude, the band Funeral Moon is asscore
Some other guy: Indeed brother
by Jonas Hill November 05, 2007
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