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When someone goes to the tiolet but holds on while sitting there because there are other people in the room (public toilets) they then wait till the person/people leave till the "go"
P1 -"Someones been in that toilet the whole time weve been doing our make up"
p2 -"haha theve probley got toilet stage fright"
p1 - "Lets re apply our make up and make them hold longer hehe"
#toilet #stage fright #embarassed #shit #wee
by Jonah Takalau May 28, 2008
A can of beans which are soaked in tomatoe sauce for your eating pleasure
person1: are you a baked beans or spagetti person?
person2: Oh man definatly spagetti
Person1: Ewh get on the spagetti lovers side
#spagetti #side #lovers #bebo stalker #yum
by jonah takalau April 09, 2008
When your boyfriends ex isnt over him and goes on your bebo page to see what you guys have been up too, Then reads all your comments to see what there about and reads yours friends pages incase there might be some top goss on those to.
Chris: Sabah txted me asking if we are trying for a baby
Vicky: ew has she been bebo stalking mine and jennas page again? What a manure sack of balls
Jenna: Fuckng aye!
#stalk #stalker #bebo #loser #immature
by jonah takalau April 08, 2008
An awesome thought out word for the end of important e-mails at work to see who will ask what does that even mean
Yo josh, that e-mail with hopsicum on it is on steves desk
#josh #hopsicum #e-mail #manure #bebo stalker
by jonah takalau April 09, 2008
when your to shit faced to talk, let alone drive home so you tab a caxi
woah look how wasted pete is. he cant drive he should tab a caxi

pete: tab a caxi's here boy bye ya later bo
#tab #caxi #cab #taxi #wasted #drunk #shit faced #fucked
by Jonah Takalau May 17, 2008
When something fabulous happens to a person with orange coloured hair.
Orange: I Just won a car
Blonde: Thas fantabulous i only won a bike
#fanta #orange #ginger #blonde #westside
by Jonah takalau June 09, 2008
Weed, Mary-J, The High Buzz. Lindo is an undercover word for the good shit marijuana. This is an uncommon name only knowen by those true to habbit.
Marc: Smoke that lindo out the window.
Josh: What? lets hot box this shit
Vicky: Im so high, lets make a bebo for dave the homo :)
#lindo #marijuana #weed #dope #mary-j
by Jonah Takalau April 14, 2008
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