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Sloshball is kickball with beer. A keg is used in place of second base. When runners reach second base, they must finish a cup of beer before moving on to third. However, there is no force out at third base, so an unlimited number of people can be on second base drinking beer.

Everyone on the field must be holding a beer at all times. Fielders may not drop their beer in order to make a play on the ball. If a batter believes that a fielder is playing with an empty cup, batter may call a beer check on the fielder. If the fielder has an empty cup, he/she must drink. If the fielder made an out but was found to have no beer in their cup, the batter is safe. If there is beer in the cup, the batter who called beer check must drink.

All close plays should result in loud, profanity laced arguments.

If the game ends and no one has splashed beer on themselves, the game should be considered a failure.
Dude, kickball is so 1987. We need to be playin us some sloshball.

Dogg, why come you covered in piss beer?
Cus bro, I been playin sloshball all afternoon!
by Jonah Sauce May 13, 2008
The first page of results that comes up when a person's name is put into google.

I should have checked this guy's google resume before I hired him.

I met this chick the other day and I was totally into her, but then I checked out her google resume and it turns out she used to be a dude.

There is some other dude with the same name as me who is totally fucking up my google resume.
by Jonah Sauce September 29, 2008

When something is going really, really well, then all of a sudden the whole situation gets totally fucked. Literal translation/origin: Girl sends Guy a booty call text message at 2am, but when Guy shows up, there's two dudes just chillin on the couch with Girl. As such, the guy got "two-dudesed."

Similar to cock block or buzzkill.

Can also be used to imply "fucking shit up."

"Two Dudes" may also be used as a noun referring to a person who constantly ruins kickass situations.
(v.) I was mackin on this chick last night and it was going great until her fat friend showed up and totally two-dudesed me!

(v.) That party was totally awesome until the cops showed up and two-dudesed the whole evening.

(v.) If that guy says one more word to me I'm fully going to go two-dudes on him.

(n.) Tommy is such a tool. He's pretty much a two-dudes.
by Jonah Sauce July 16, 2008

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