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girl with the body of a stripper who doesn't like that everyone else is taller than her.
guy: "Woah stripper pants, you should try to gain some height."

girl: "Yeah whatever tall person. Hope you fall and die."

guy: "Damn, she's such a briana."
by Jon Zimmerman June 18, 2008
what one makes when life gives them lemons. what the hell else are you gonna do with them.
guy 1: "Man, why do I keep getting all these lemons?"

guy 2: "I don't know. You should make some lemonade though."
by Jon Zimmerman June 18, 2008
when your off dipshitting around with your friends, just doing what you dumbasses do.
"I can't believe Jake and Steve stole that sign."

"Yeah, but it was a good time."
by Jon Zimmerman June 18, 2008
a thief who likes to steal worthless signs and hide them in his pants. often steals from large chain stores such as Walmart.
employee: "Hey, what happened to the shop sign. It's gone."

shopowner: "What? It was here a minute ago."

employee: "Well, I did see some kid hanging around outside."

shopowner: "That damn potato."
by Jon Zimmerman June 18, 2008
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