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Silentwulf (Eric Ogden) is a very funny film maker from Winston-Salem, NC. He hosts his own website, and even operates his own forum. He is best known for his "Funny Faces" series of videos, along with "We Like Acid" and "The Real Strarberries". Aside from his strong ability to make people laugh, his most notable artistic talent is video editing. His video's content range from acting random, to films with plot and sometimes variety. His target audience consists from teenagers to young adults. Some video contain extreme amounts of foul language, while others are fairly family friendly. He acts over-exagerated in videos, and shows no shame, while in reality, he's very calm and mature. If you compare his attitude with his actions in his videos, it's like talking to 2 different people. He is also a growing expert in technology. He is currently attending school, to become a licensed Network Admin.
"Eric, what would YOU, do for a Klondike bar?"
"Join the Silentwulf forums. If you don't, you're a nazi."
by Jon Tayler October 15, 2007
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