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My best friend from bulgaria. he is supa smart and dupa cool. He smokes grass and eats food
He speaks Bulgarian
by Jon Schwartz August 25, 2003
This region harbors many plants and animals that are very unique.
These animals include monkeys, vebras, kolomoles, and rabid rabits.
The region is approximatly 2,941,300 sq miles, and has the great Mt.Kosciusko which stands a mighty 7,310 Feet.
The regional capital of Adelaide is located on the southwestern coast and has a population of 1,064,925 people.
All religion is tolerated yet the main religion which is Hazanian.
Our Regional Minister is John Howard and the head of Industrial Sewage is Peter J. Hollingsworth.
Our Libertarian Extremist group is led General Kenny Kock.
The socalist leaders include great people like kenin, htalin, and Suhrushcheck. Our regional and most famous person is Wolfgang Schussel. He slayed the german invaders back in 1984, and won the independance of the Breakaway Axis. Our chief justice officer is Nick Kang, who is always after the elusive mobster Tommy Vercetti.
Our GRP (Gross Regional Product) is around 445.8 Billion shoes.
Our imports are 77 billion shoes and our importers are 25% from the Pacific, 24% from the United Republic of the east lands and 22% from the US. Our Exports are around 70 billion shoes and 91% of that is to the Japanese in China.
There are about 400 airports and 27 ports for ships.
We have a regional average of 17.8 births per 1000 people.
Our infant mortality is 4.6 per 1000 people and our region death rate is 11 per 1000 people.
Our literacy rate is 100%.
I am traveling to Lordshipland for a brief holiday.

I once had a nice lordshiplander working in the kitchens

Far from the stove sat an apple unaware of the three strange boys looking upon it's glorish status. As it basked in the noon sun light a cat prounced up to the table and retreived these golden delight. The three boys were sad that the apple had been ed.
by Jon Schwartz April 06, 2005
three times the fun of one rumen
once apona time RUMEN 3 took a pickale and makde a home,, ahahaha i knew he would like the pop of soda and you'de probaliy get hurt, you should not go
people are home. phillips makes my friends speakers and my "boom" box
by Jon Schwartz September 14, 2003
A thing that is Roman yet it is also bulgarian, with a bit of four at the end. Zhat is why no one ever will eat rumen because he is a cani-bull/pig0eater.
any way no one goes to the IB program to get an education. SO if you are named rumen have a good life and made good give you four, yes four more magical and mysterious lives to terrorise and eat the souls of the stupid.
Rumen4 pre-4ed the musique very well.

RUMEN4 might need his head removed or it will explode

Rumen4 got to brush his/Her teeth! shame on it, to shame.
by Jon Schwartz September 21, 2003
This is fast and fun for the hole family

peace to my brothers inside the hood
cool and has no more kids
by Jon Schwartz April 06, 2005
More than one Rumen
RUmen smokes tea cups and chery fuck u nad i dont be needin' holy holy god help me... hahahaha all my money gone. the end.

Rumen is a bulgarian Bird called ROBOT!
by Jon Schwartz September 06, 2003
your mother
last night me and that slut, we had sex till the marlins won the world series
by Jon Schwartz October 23, 2003
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