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When your sphincter can no longer contain the gyser like forces in your colon and either matter or gas escapes in such a violent manner that it causes mass distress to everyone around.
1) I was walking by a friend's cubicle when he had an assplosion. I can still see all of my coworkers running much like Harrison Ford would run from a detonating bomb!

2) I was sitting in a stall when someone next to me assploded. The stench was so foul and the sound so wretched, I decided to just wipe later and get the heck out of there!
by Jon Sanchez September 05, 2006
When spelunking in a woman’s balloon knot, you unleash your load in her trunk, pull out and her trunk explodes in a similar fashion to pulling a cork from a shaken champagne bottle.
“Oh I unleashed in her butt and pulled out and she Dirty Byroned me. It took a week to clean up the bits of peanut and corn everywhere!”
by Jon Sanchez July 13, 2006
When you are playing with your junk- finish- and accidentally cum on yourself.
I was laying down in bed and my girlfriend was going down on me- I started cuming and she finished me with her hand but I came so hard i gave myself a youkake!
by jon sanchez May 06, 2009
An extreme version of GAY. This is the pinicacle of flaming wrist snapping fabulous.
That guy wearing the hand stiched daisy dukes and the silk blouse is definatly GHEY.
by Jon Sanchez July 13, 2006

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