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3 definitions by Jon Ryda

A term that is still commonly used in Baltimore, meaning a woman with a large booty , or one that is very thick. Strictly ass.
"Damn she phat as shit"
by Jon Ryda May 16, 2006
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A short term used for "Liscense" of any kind. Whether it be, Driver's Liscence or anything else of that nature.
Man 1: "So when you gettin ya L's?"
Man 2: "Prolly this weekend when I go to take the test."
by Jon Ryda May 16, 2006
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A rapper from Harlem who speaks about real issues, usually politics and poverty. He seems to have a grudge with the Bush Administration, repetitive as hell when it comes to politics because he speaks about the same shit. Also known to get really lyrical and just mumble a bunch of nonsense. Peep the wack off off beat song "Creation and Destruction" and "The Prophecy". A clown in my eyes. An overrated rapper, especially on the internet ..you people need to get off his dick. Dead Prez is much better ...Immortal Technique also has a flow problem, dude just hasnt mastered the technique of riding a beat. Only suburban white kids idolize him and claim he's the best rapper from Harlem ..ha ..yea right ..ever heard of Big L people? Not taking away from his lyrical ability ..I'll admit, Technique is good ..but until he learns how to ride a beat then he will never be shit in my eyes.
Immortal Technique Lyrics:

I'm explicit like video tapes of conjugal visits
Some niggaz are too stupid to understand it like astrophysics
Technique is exquisite
I'll make your thoughts a victory
Get pessimistic with the quickness
If you think that I will just become another statistic with anything but success
When I bless the mic as I spit this
Specifically prolific with coprocessor coma type sickness

what the fuck is that shit????? ..no one cares ...
by jon ryda May 17, 2006
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