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Someone that sews their victim’s eyes ears and mouth closed in order to deprive them of their senses. A skull sealer strives to create a mind without in eternal darkness and silence alone with its own thoughts. Once mentioned in a defendant’s opening statement during a murder trial, a clip which is often played on the Preston and Steve show (93.3 WMMR)
I appologize to anyone who's been offended by my fictional creations: Crisagone, the philosopher of evil and the skull sealer.
by Jon Klein January 27, 2006
Somewhat self-explanatory; a scab eater is someone who regularly consumes dried blood that has collected in a recent wound on their person. scab eater is a term popularized by the preston and steve radio show (93.3 FM wmmr)
Preston eats his scabs, therefore he is a scab eater.
by Jon Klein February 01, 2006
A "shit head" that over a period of time gets progressively less intelligent to such a degree that the only conceivable explanation for their compounding ignorance is that there are, in fact maggots inside their skull slowly eating away at the fecal matter that their brain is constructed of. In short: Shit head + Maggots= Shmaggot. Alternatively Shmaggot is also the name of the head maggots themselves.
Shmaggot, shut up and get your Shmaggots under control!
by Jon Klein January 27, 2006
One who sells: cheese, cheese products, or cheese based recipes; either on the internet, in a cook book, or in a store.
if you sell cheesecake and bleu cheese recipes on ebay you are a cheese peddler.
Silence! Ya cheese peddler.
by Jon Klein February 01, 2006

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