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The best mother fucking band to ever step foot on this planet!. They were the best band until a faggot by the name of Sammy Haggar joined. Van Halen went from awesome kick ass rock to shitty ass fuck pop music
"Hey, whats your favourite Van Halen Song?"

"Mines Right Now"

"are you serious, you like that pussy Sammy Haggar?"

"uhh wasnt he the only singer?"

"No you fucktard, David Lee Roth was in it before that pussy was, go listen to old VH albums like VH, VH2, Women and Children First, Diver Down, 1984 and you will see why Haggar is a pussy and why all the other vh albums suck!"

*comes back later*

"Hey dude. i fucking creamed my jeans when i heard Eruption and Runnin with the devil"

"see i told you, but that was too much information"
by Jon Broadway December 21, 2006
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