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Brigham Young University is located in Provo, Utah with two other schools baring the same name in Idaho and Hawaii. Consists mostly of Mormons, but others are admitted. Most girls go there with hopes of not getting an education, but meeting a nice, good-looking returned missionary to take to the temple and get hitched to. It's a very nice school, but like I said, it's a meat market.
A good promotional slogan for BYU would be, "If you come to BYU for 4 years without getting married, we'll refund your tuition!"
In 1984 BYU football rose to glory by earning the National Championship with a record of 13-0.
The world is our campus. (BYU slogan)
by Jon Beutler June 10, 2005
The greatest quarterback in the history of football. Not only for his unmatchable talent, but for his personality, values, and great example on and off the field.
Steve Young was the MVP of Super Bowl XXIX and connected for a record breaking 6 touchdown passes in that game.
by Jon Beutler April 24, 2005
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