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2 definitions by Jon Beaumont AKA Spuggs

To act like Keith Moon, in homage to Keith Moon. Moonery necessitates excessive substance abuse, plus ridiculous larks and japes.
Talk about moonery... he was off his head, clad in a cardboard box, pretending to be a robot on the Uxbridge Road! Moon would approve.
by Jon Beaumont AKA Spuggs March 18, 2004
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To be intensely inebriated, possibly leading to loss of control of basic bodily functions. Symptoms of being shitted (or 'shittedness') are diziness, nausea, fumbling and bungling. However, being shitted is not unpleasant, and should be embraced.
Cripes, I'm utterly shitted!


Keith Moon would be proud... I'm shitted out of my mind
by Jon Beaumont AKA Spuggs March 18, 2004
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