402 definitions by Jon

A extremly large amount of draw
Oi mate, how much is that 9 bar
by Jon November 20, 2003
for cam: swim suit
for everyone else: clothes
trying out my new threads
(Cam trying out his new suit in a race)
(Someone trying out their new clothes)
by Jon February 22, 2005
some one who has been caaught picking there nose
hey look that guys digging for gold
by jon March 24, 2005
alcoholic beverage
i got hella swiss last night at 7-11.
by jon February 01, 2004
LOR and matt are lovers. thanks to her super hot friend mackenzie. LOR is the queen of scene
that scene chick with the king of metal is lor. she is the queen of scene
by Jon February 06, 2005
The act of possessing illicit substances
man, you styling?

Yeuh i got a half ounce
by Jon March 17, 2005
Siv is a person who enjoys doing his homework and loves school very much.
Siv is at home doing his homework again.
by Jon January 06, 2004

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