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Refers to people from planet virus. People who use this word usually received their GED two years after graduating from Sally Struthers University with degree in TV/VCR repair.
I was using my computer and noticed i was infected with some virii right before i was abducted and was anally probed.
by Jon November 10, 2003
A good band from Atlanta, Georgia.

which has former grundig/cold band member Sean Lay on guitars

Lead vocals of Garrett Freireich

badass bassist Stephen Brink

and drummer Chris Wilkes

Check them out... You Know You Want To


Get back to the garden…Get back to eden.
yo dude Eden fucking rocks
by Jon February 01, 2005
The Best comic strip ever made by Bill Amend. If you don't read it, you're gay, If you've never heard of it, get a life, and you are still gay.
The kids in FoxTrot are always doing wierd things.
by Jon May 18, 2004
a great name for a dog.
like in : ruff ruff im zoso j. puppers.
by jon March 21, 2004
A extremly large amount of draw
Oi mate, how much is that 9 bar
by Jon November 20, 2003
Visit www.riafunk.tk
by Jon November 12, 2003
Easy way of saying what the Fuck or Thats garbage.
speaker1:Im on a diet but im eating Mcdonalds

Speaker2: TS
by Jon February 14, 2005

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