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3 definitions by Jomez

Your empty pockets turned inside out. When someone asks you for money but you're broke, just bust out your Hoover flags.
Knox: "Yo Paul give me five bucks"
Paul: "Sorry all I got is my Hoover flags"
Knox: "What the fuck are Hoover flags"
by Jomez March 09, 2006
when you stick somebody's head in the ball return at the bowling alley.
We didn't want Mark to win the bowling game so we gave him a Colombian Hairdryer.
by Jomez September 18, 2006
what you say when you see someone in the parking lot with a sweet cop radar
Mike: "sweet cop radar is what I have"
Jose: "hey man gimme dat"
Mike: "but"
Jose: "no"
Jose: "I was in the army now gimme dat POW NEVER FORGET"
by Jomez October 17, 2006