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An Aussie Kiss is a way to describe a kiss that takes place "down under."
guy one: "So Emily came over last night and she totally gave me an aussie kiss!"

guy two: "No way man, how was it??"

guy one: "So crazy I thought I heard kangaroos singing!"

guy two:"Right on dude!"
by Jomammaisahottie April 11, 2010
The unexpected urge to jog while drunk. Also known as drunning (drunk running).
"Me and Stacy went drogging last night cause we couldn't find a DD to drive us back to our place!"

"Oh snaps what a bummer! Hope it wasn't cold out!"
by Jomammaisahottie April 11, 2010
A male version of the word slut, also meaning stupid ass hole.
"He totally hooked up with Christie and Tabatha in the same night!"

"Omg what a stassel, he needs to grow a pair!!! "
by Jomammaisahottie April 11, 2010

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