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Text messaging an ex ad nauseum during a night of heavy drinking and finding out what you said in the morning when you scroll through your messages.
Every time I get loaded, I send text messages to my ex in an attempt to entice him or to get an invite for a booty call. I always regret it in the morning, but cannot seem to stop myself, thereby d-railing any progress I have made to separate myself from the relationship.
by Joluca February 14, 2006
Friends that meet for sex as often as possible. They know little about what the other does when they are not together. Dont ask, dont tell. Meetings can be prearranged or last minute booty calls. Neither is willing or able to become more than a causal sex partner for whatever reason. It's all about the sex.
Two people meet. The attraction lead them into bed. They mutually agree to continue to meet occassionally for sex and just be friends with benefits.
by Joluca February 08, 2006
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