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Alternative to ream

Adj, Verb. See synonyms at fucked, busted, broken, stuffed, stupid.

To mean any of the above adjectives, usually in a pejorative sense.

See also: ream
This is a fucken reemed game...

That noob just got reemed...
by Joltaine April 16, 2004
The extra "v" at the end of a line of clearly copy+pasted emotes that lazy people don't bother to remove.
Bob - ":D :) :D :) :D :)v"

Bill - "You slack bastard..."
by Joltaine May 15, 2004
Otherwise known as the CTF level Magma in Unreal Tournament 2003 well known for its low fpm and terrible layout. Also known as Fagma.
"fuckit... not lagma again"
by Joltaine June 01, 2003

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