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Word coined by clever headline playing of off Spudnick, "Beatnicks Invade California." Described the westward generalication of a 1950's literary, intellectual and philosophical movement that produced such great artists and poets as Allen Ginsberg (Howl), Jack Kerouac (On The Road), William S. Burroughs (Naked Lunch)and Joan Vollmer.

Though it can be argued that the movement started in New York and centered on the secert hero of Road and Howl; Neal Cassady, the beats also had a reniassance in San Fransisco. This movement included poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti (Coney Island of the Mind), founder of the now famous City Lights Bookstore.

Beats encouraged free-thought, self discovery, and were linked to all kinds of drugs and debuachery.
Beatnicks of the Beat Generation.

She dressed in all black, wore a beret, and went to beatnick poetry slams.

There were more women Beatnicks, but thier families had them locked away and given shock therapy, they weren't alowed to publish thier work.
by Jolt Darkly October 27, 2007

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