23 definitions by Jolly Roger

To not actually be gay but to engage in homosexual activity in order to satisfy your own carnal desires and is kept secret.
After the girls did not show up for the party the guys watched the porno tape and were soon on the low down.
by Jolly Roger April 09, 2004
To kill or assissinate an individual.
After John Kerry chose Hillary Clinton as his vice president she hired Bills old button men to whack Kerry so she would become president by default.
by Jolly Roger March 24, 2004
Communist or liberal persons
While attending Oxford University in England Slick Willy led a mob of five hundred Blatskis to the steps of the American embassy to protest the Vietnam war.
by Jolly Roger March 16, 2004
An ebonic word used by individuals of poor education and very limited vocabulary as an exclamation and is a fine example as to why third world countries are kicking our ass in academics.
After the job applicant used the word booya during his interview I threw his application in the trash can, I dont want my customers thinking I have a convict working for me.
by Jolly Roger March 17, 2004
A desirable female with buxom proportions.
She is a fine porker.
by Jolly Roger March 19, 2004
1)Penises 2) to play meat puppets 3) An 80's punk band.
The members of NAMBLA like to play meat puppets with little boys.
by Jolly Roger March 15, 2004
An individual who moves his head or worms in rank or while standing at attention.
The drill sergeant screamed at the fresh recruit for turning his head to look at the seagull calling him a rubber necker.
by Jolly Roger March 24, 2004

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