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A fart released from the penis. Some say that they do not exist at all. A few men claim to have penally queefed at one point, but there is no direct evidence of it ever happening. The penal queef is and shall probably remain a mystery, much like Sasquatch and the Lochness Monster.
"The attendees at the Governor's ball were slightly put off when Richard let out a wet Penal Queef at the dinner table."
by Jolly Judd January 29, 2009
The act of rough and highly inspired anal sex.
"I took that person from the bar home last night and launched an Anal Jihad on their asshole for 5 hours"
by Jolly Judd January 29, 2009
An insult directed at jerks and assholes. It is similar in definition and used in the same context as motherfucker, with the only key difference being that when calling one a Fetusfucker, you are implying that they fuck fetuses, rather than someone's mother.
"Which one of you Fetusfuckers fucked my girlfriend and gave her Anal Warts?"
by Jolly Judd January 29, 2009
A pleasurable act where one person lays down and covers their face with Saran Wrap, and then their partner takes a shit on their face.
"Jill and I thought we would experiment a little bit, so I ate 4 bowls of chili and gave her a Texas Windshield."
by Jolly Judd January 29, 2009
A sexual act where a man pulls the skin of his balls over his dick so it looks like a hermit crab, and then he inserts it into a woman's vagina.
"Jacob felt that he would treat his woman to an extra special time, so he gave her a crab dipper."
by Jolly Judd January 29, 2009
An expression of anger commonly used in place of other curse words such as "fuck", "bitch", "shit", and "damn" and also used to compliment those words in a sentence. It is also common for one to clench their fists in anger as they say the word.
"Son of a cocksqueedle!"

"Fucking cocksqueedle, I'm really pissed off right now!"

by Jolly Judd January 29, 2009
Used in replacement, and carries the same meaning as the commonly spoken phrase "Jesus Christ on a Cross". This is in reference to the guy who played Jesus in "The Passion of the Christ".
"Jesus Jim Caviezel on a Cross, this carrot cake has semen in it!"
by Jolly Judd January 29, 2009

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