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Used to describe a highly religious person who is also a complete douchebag. The word can also be used in general in replacement of douchebag.

"Shut up you stupid Christbag!"

"Go hug a Bible you Christbag!"
by Jolly Judd January 29, 2009
A derogatory term used to insult a person. It is used in replacement of words such as asshole, fag, dickhead, and motherfucker
"I can't believe that you won't give me the $10 you owe me, stop being such a Fagfucker!"
by Jolly Judd January 29, 2009
A variation of the commonly used Jesus Christ. It carries the same meaning as Jesus Christ.
"Holy Jesus Christ on a Coke Binge, I can't believe the Steelers won!"
by Jolly Judd January 29, 2009
An expression of excitement, used in place of the common phrase "Kicks Ass".
"I can't believe we came back and won the game. This totally pounds vag!"
by Jolly Judd January 29, 2009
when a man's boobs are sweating so very profusely that a sweat ring forms around the outline of his tits on his shirt, and the sweat ring covers more than 50% of the circumference of his breast, his is said to have "Bitchtits". Scientists estimate that the sweat of a man with Bitchtits contains about 30% undigested mayonnaise.
"Did you see that fat, sweaty asshole try to run a 5K? He was rocking some killer bitchtits!"
by Jolly judd January 29, 2009

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