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A terrible clothing line started by 50 cent to promote his rap crew "gorilla unit". You can find it at Ross Dress For Less and Marshalls on the oversized rack. The style follows in the tradition of FUBU, Sean John, Mecca, Kani, Phat Farm and RocaWear. Not to be mistaken for WuWear, which is actually hot apparel.
That lame rapper 50 cent sold out his crew to put "g unit!" on muumuu sized t-shirts that can be seen worn by that murderer Joren Vandersloot.
by Jokum Istanbul October 02, 2005
Alias for rapper Eminem aka Marshal Mathers. A light skinned individual who acts black. Shady/shade refers to an area or a space of partial darkness. The slang is used to describe a person with dark/black skin.

Slim Shady raps for Shady/Aftermath
by Jokum Istanbul October 02, 2005
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