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A brilliant quip that can be added to anything to make it funny. I have no idea why this is true, but it is!
MAN1: "Where did all these people come from?"
MAN2: "I just did."

MAN1: "Oh crap, I forgot my homework at school."
MAN2: "I just did."

MAN1: "Should I ask her out to the prom tomorrow?"
MAN2: "I......just....DID."
by Joker X March 02, 2004
A racial slur for Greek people.
"Stupid sheep-sucking GRUCKERS are all over my lawn! GO EAT A GYRO!
by Joker X January 28, 2004
A spirit pit is when you put your penis into a woman's armpit and then cum.
She looked at me wierd when I gave her a Spirit Pit.
by Joker X September 20, 2003
Another word for when something doesn't go your way and how it sucks. (i.e bullshit)
"Damn, she's not going to let you come over her house? That is some straight momchill right there."
by Joker X November 21, 2003
A variation of "shnizzle" which originated from "Shizzle" which comes from "Shit." Also, could mean something is cool, awesome, pleasurable, or pleasing to someone else.
"I just stepped in dog shlizzle." OR "Yo man, this girl's poo-nanner is the SHLIZZLE MY NIZZLE BIZZLE FO RIZZLE BUT KEEPIZZLE ITIZZLE ON THE DOWNLIZZLE."
by Joker X November 15, 2003
A Buttermilk Swirl is when a man inserts his penis into a woman's ass and then stands up. He then holds onto an above ceiling fan and goes in circles with his dick still in the woman's anus.
Right before I left, I grabbed the fan and gave her ass a Buttermilk Swirl.
by Joker X September 20, 2003
It's the hole under a woman's vagina that she pisses out of.
She smelled bad because she never wiped her jiff.
by Joker X September 20, 2003

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