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The real "50 cent" was a guy who didn't care what he did. he was feared by many people. stole from many people. but was gunned down supposebly buy a guy named "wayne perry". months ago the punk ass, fake ass, pussy ass, bitch ass, wannabe gangsta ass, dick in da ass muthafucka 50 cent finally paid for his head stone.
(kelvin "50 cent" martin if he were still alive.) Who am I gonna rob, kill, or beat the shit outta. today i know I'll take out that punk bitch who stole my name.
(kelvin "50 cent" martin if he were still alive.) Hey!!! u da bitch who stole my name imma fuckin kill u
(50 cent the bitch rapper.) naw man i didn't take your name ( pushing buttons and whispering in phone.) police this is curtis jackson i need help this guy gon kill help arrest him do sumthin.
(Sirens, police) kelvin martin your coming with me your doing life.
(rapper 50) ha ha ha thats what u get for messin with a snitch. ha ha nigga i told u nigga.
(the real 50 cent) fuck you (shooting and hitting people.)
(rapper 50 Crying ) aw man u killed the cops man
(the real 50 pissed) yea and now its your turn bitch. (gun shot) punk.
by Joker 14 September 02, 2006

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