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A punk ass person who does not do what he says he is going to do
That fake punk did'nt show up yester day so i jumped him
by Joker March 10, 2003
So jelly bracelets definately did not have that meaning when I was a kid, they were simply fun to wear, and everyone wore them for fun. I had a large collection of them, and I still do. They were a fashion item in the 80s first popularized by Madonna and soon everyone was wearing them. These kids today, who I'm sorry, totally missed the 80s and have no idea what they are talking about, are giving them a definition they were not meant for. Goths/Punks still wear them today with their original intention. As far as I'm concerned, they will always have their TRUE definition: fashion item worn for fun that started in the 1980s. Wow, I feel really old now after explaining all that. :-D
Soft plastic multicolored bracelets that became a popular fashion item in the 1980s and still worn today.
by JoKeR February 08, 2004
Plain and simple your MESSED UP,stoned,smashed,high,whatever
you wana call it! Your not just chillin your chillin' chillin.
When you call one of your friends and you ask how thier doing and they say thier chillin thier focused. When they say thier chillin' chillin thier as high as a Motha F'ing
by Joker June 19, 2006
to be linked pornographicaly
we are pornographicaly linked

by joker January 28, 2004
When something is seriously f*ed up as in "dude you just hit the game winning home run off my pitcher in Baseball All Stars for the Nintendo. That is really smaka".
by joker August 12, 2003
chat shit, bita bully
my man ston be chatapoo
by joker January 19, 2004

1. A social gathering to watch porn.

Background info: Invented by two guys who were really bored one day and their minds went off into random topics. The topic of porn watching came up and thus we wished to find one word to describe this event. We came up with "groker," a fusion of the screennames held by the two gentlemen: "green" and "joker."
Hey let's go to the groker later tonight, all the guys and girls are going to be there and it's going to be a lot of fun.
by joker September 18, 2003

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