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24 definitions by Joka

"Listen pig-fucker, can I call you pig-fucker?"
"No, only my friends can call me pig-fucker."
It's Baseball... it's Basketball... it's Baseketball!
by JOKa August 25, 2003
94 30
another way of sayin whats up
"yo whats good boy"
by Joka January 24, 2004
48 41
balls that men bounce, and play handball with.
those boobies make life a whole lot better
by JOKa July 31, 2003
40 35
what you need to be a hack-saw (hacker)
and lo, I was shat upon, and I weeped in the skill of his anus
by JOKa August 13, 2003
5 5
its not over until the fat man sings, see hany. He loves these words, and acting like a leb wannabe.
"heebaa i smell brownies baking, im fully sick!!"
by JOKa August 03, 2003
0 0

Japanese currency, Yuto eats it for breakfast.
With my elite skills, I will YEN you up!
by JOKa September 03, 2003
9 10
... the MEECROB, that is!
train away!
by JOKa August 13, 2003
0 1