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Marijuana that is killer.
"If I bring the bomb and you bring the vegas, then we can get high like so true playas." - Song: Bring the Bomb Artist - Marvaless
by Jok3r February 20, 2004
Being under the influence of Extacy aka Stunt pills.
Lets go stunt homie how much money you got? (KEEP IT STUNTASTIC HOMIES!)
by Jok3r February 20, 2004
a drunk internet team speak server admin who likes to feel important so he bans people and kicks them to make himself feel better because he has a very sad life outside of the internet and has to feel big on teamspeak...i hope they get drunk and get in an accident and Die...
hey speidel..u were making humming noises so im retarded and im going to ban you cause im peipers but buddy
by jok3r April 03, 2005

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