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The seeking of the utmost excitement in all respects.
She was an avid student of orgasmology, looking to make the most of each and every situation.
by Joie D May 24, 2007
Something that is self explanatory.
The reasoning behind it was selfplanatory.
by Joie D May 24, 2007
To form a thought based upon preconceived notions.
It's easy to biaconceptualize when you do not fully investigate something in it's entirety.
by Joie D May 24, 2007
The temptation to make mountains out of molehills, or hurricanes out of drizzle. To blow something out of proportion.
It's easy to succumb to tempestation but one must look at things with the proper perspective.
by Joie D May 24, 2007
A woman with masculine features, unattractive.
She was a handsome woman, blessed with much mascuglity.
by Joie D May 24, 2007
Stuck in an angry thought or feeling.
One must move beyond feelings of hostility and resentment or else risk becoming cementangary.
by Joie D May 24, 2007
To obsess to the point of absess or illness.
To worry about things not in your control and make yourself ill is clearly absessive behaviour.
by Joie D May 24, 2007

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