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When a man pulls his scrotum out the side of his shorts and screams "Awww man I sat in gum", thus getting the attention of everyone in the room. When everyone realizes that it is your sack, you will have a jolly laugh about it.
The party was really boring and quite so Josh used the gum trick to lighten up the place.
by Johsua Newkirk September 16, 2006
1.To be minorities going to a predominately white party or scene. More specifically to be planning on having sex with a hot white female.

2.To engage in the act of using massive amounts of cocaine in one day.
1. 3 6 mafia were straight snow diving at that concert held at Princeton University.

2. Bush's main criticism during the presidential race was that he had a habit of snow diving.
by Johsua Newkirk June 07, 2007
A person who performs oral sex on a girl, in a turkey like fashion (noises etc)
The noises she made when eating out her lesbian lover qualified her as a cooter gobbler.
by Johsua Newkirk September 02, 2006
When the guy gets down doggie style position and the girl assumes the position the guy normally would. Then jerks him off reaching around him while thrusting until proper ejaculation.
Pauly shore was too broke to hooker to fuck so he got a reaper reach around instead. (taken from "Pauly SHore is dead")
by Johsua Newkirk September 16, 2006

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