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the act of utilizing pornography when you should really be doing something else
"Michael caught Weslee pr0ncrastinating while the sales system was down."
by Johny Appleseed June 06, 2005
That's a Roger, Roger.
Commando: "RPG spotted. Take 'em out!"
Black Hawk: "rgr2x boss"
by Johny Appleseed June 01, 2005
One Wilshire Breakfast Burrito
John: "Yo, you down fo' some 1WBB action?"
Adam: "Hellz ya, lets roll"
by Johny Appleseed May 25, 2005
Double your pleasure
Peter: "Did you see that?"
Cindy: "Yeah, wow man that was cool2x"

Bob: "How are you doing?"
Cindy: "fine2x, thanks2x"
by Johny Appleseed May 20, 2005
Stupid Fucking Moron(s)
"Damn, you're a SFM"
by Johny Appleseed June 06, 2005

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