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Noun: When a person is so Fat that the back of their neck resembles a pack of Sausages.
Commonly found on fat men who shave their heads.
Damn Sam, You're so Fat that you got some Neck Back Sausage happening back there.

How much for one of those Neck Back Sausages?
by Johny R January 27, 2009
Conjunction: Stray & Labia
Strabia: Woman or Girl one might find whilst trolling the bar scene looking for intercourse.
A Sexy Female who is yet unknown.
I know it's a bit late to go out, yet I hope to find some Strabia still stumbling around.
Good luck on getting some Strabia tonight.

by Johny R January 24, 2009
Noun: An Airplane, A sealed area where Germs, Virus, & Bacteria circulate through the air.
I got totally sick on the Germ Tube.

If I didn't ride the Germ Tube last week, I'd be healthy.

Every time I get in a Germ Tube, I have to take Antibiotics.
by Johny R January 24, 2009

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