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Thick, white cottage-cheese like excretions from a woman's pussy. Often an indication of a vaginal infection or poor hygiene.
Her pussy cheese stunk so bad I couldn't go down on her more than once.
by JohnstonGuy June 07, 2005
A female with an excessive amount of pubic hair.
Damn you've got a hairy pussy! You got sasquatch living between your legs, bitch?
by JohnstonGuy August 01, 2005
A male that is a self-absorbed, clueless piece of shit. Hated by both men and women. In other words, a real DICK and hence the name "dick with ears."
Mike is dick with ears.
by JohnstonGuy August 12, 2004
Unflattering description of an older woman's big, fat, lumpy, out-of-shape, cellulite butt.
Dude, your new ho has a big, fat mom butt.
by JohnstonGuy July 28, 2005
Slang term for something of big time, major, gigantic or huge proportions.
Hey baby, you got some major league hooters.
by JohnstonGuy June 20, 2005
Slang for a woman's breasts.
Her huge milk missiles were pointed at me and I just had to stare.
by JohnstonGuy June 23, 2005
Used to describe female masturbation and orgasm as used in the phrase, "I dialed 'O' on the pink telephone."
I was so horny last night that I fired up my vibrator and dialed "O" on the pink telephone.
by JohnstonGuy November 26, 2005

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