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The act of getting cum on ones hand and smacking and rubbing the cum on another person's face
Hank: What are you doing? That's gross!

Sean: Dude it's called a Wilkinson Delight!

Hank: Wipe it off!

Sean: No Way.

by Johnson69 January 23, 2009
AKA Best hockey player ever!!!
He is on York Simcoe and is amazing.
He will be in the NHL.
Yip Chuck scored 12 goals against the Philly Flyers at the Colisee Pepsi.
by Johnson69 May 03, 2008
The ability to dangle in the sport of ice hockey.
Pavel Datsyuk has a severe case of dangleability.
by Johnson69 February 27, 2009
African American Handball

A.K.A. Basketball

A sport for black people.
Sean: Yo Radar want to go play some AAHB?

Radar: I can't, I'm not black enough.
by Johnson69 February 19, 2009

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