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A cross between a noob and a fool / a foolishly acting newbie / a f0b0b0b
stfu you f00b >:O
by johnson February 18, 2003
The greatest band ever to grace this earth
"hi im a member of Goodday"
by johnson December 19, 2003
Is að man that thinks he is very good in CS but actually is so bad that it´s hard to look at it
Valli is one of the most haugputzarahelvíti in the world
by Johnson April 30, 2004
The Best hockey team.
The Nashville Predators are doing good this year.
by JOHNSON October 19, 2003
A gangster who never prospers or makes money; especially one that fronts.
You got yo' ass in jail AGAIN?! Damn, boy, you a wankster.
by johnson February 18, 2003
1)an adolescent, facial hair wearing dorkalork who belongs to a very exclusive group 2)a big smelly crap, usually perpetrated by said dorkalork
Man, did Bladge ever lay such a bladge the other day.
by Johnson December 13, 2003
Chewing Gum
Got any Chud?
by Johnson September 27, 2003

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