59 definitions by Johnson

street name for Butchington C-grove
slangs clorox on the regular while hes coston on teh poop deck has his nicca bob slang them shits for him
by Johnson April 28, 2004
another word for stuff
Man i've got to go get some shat from the adult section in the back.
by Johnson November 14, 2003
An island territory in the south pacific.
Melanesia is by Malaysia.
by JOHNSON October 18, 2003
A game when you throw metal horse shoes at a stick.
horse shoes is the best game
by JOHNSON October 16, 2003
The act of ejaculating into a sock and smacking someone in the face with it.
Dude, Kyle totally gave Tim a stickyface this morning.

"I DUEL YOU! *smack*"
by Johnson March 07, 2003
a cheating koonie that hacks up the world of online CS -_-
"wtf mav3rick just hacked me thru 5 walls"
by johnson November 12, 2004
The greatest band ever to grace this earth
"hi im a member of Goodday"
by johnson December 19, 2003

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