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When you eat something really fast and it gives you chronic indigestion.
man1:Shit! I've just eaten a donner kebab really fast and now i've got some serious heart burn.

man2: Yeah thats chobble-ogga for you.
#kebab #grease #indigestion #food #fast
by Johnsmith123456789 March 23, 2010
Shit football club in Birmingham. Cocky support. All of their team is overrated. And their manager us a complete wanker!
man 1: I've just been and had a shit in villa park(Aston villa's stadium), I mistook it for a toilet.

man 2: yer I think they knock down that piece of shite and build a toilet instead.
#shit #wanker #football #aston vile #bollocks
by Johnsmith123456789 March 13, 2010
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