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1.Shorter version of scnitzzle. Ones stuff, shit, loot, stash etc.. Mainly used to define a posession to which one cannot recall a name.

2. A square pretzel.
I lost my scniz!
Dirty thieves stealing my scniz!
May i have 3 scnizs', please?
by Johnothan Muswell May 31, 2006
A 'game' in which more than 2, or many, male participants do 'the conga' connected via their anus/penis/fist/fingers/tongues/toes or sexual toys. Whichever is best.
-said to be a once-in-a-life-time experience
"Hey guys, Wanna do-tha conga bum!?"
- All straight men in the room- "ARE YOU A FUCKING ASS!?"
- All the gay men in the room- "AIGHT!!!"
by Johnothan Muswell June 13, 2006

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