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she's already seeing someone......sorry, man
jessica: we need to see other people

bob: you're cheating on me?!

jessica: how'd you know?!

bob: Urban Dictionary

jessica: oooooh
by Johnnykins April 25, 2008
someting that is so delicious that you can't help but say "sweet" while eating it
Bob: you hear what happened to Tom?

Joe: no, what happened?

Bob: he was talking with his mouth full, and choked on his food

Joe:hm,he must have been eating something pretty sweetalicious
by Johnnykins March 25, 2008
the little kindergarten kid that smelled like piss, and played with carebears in the corner
hey you wanna play power rangers kid?

don't talk to him thats the "I don't care bear!"
by Johnnykins March 20, 2008

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