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TOtally different from the artificial US mentality. Romania is a country with a beutifull landscape, the second largest building in the world, the place of birth of the inventor of the jet plane engine "Henri Coanda" and many others. It is commonly known for the myth of Count Dracula, which I can tell you didn't exist, but it is a cool story anyway.
It is wrong to compare it to the US beacuse Romania has a history, unlike America. Gas is much more expensive because we do not drop bombs on arabs to get cheap gas which we irratioanlly consume driving 5-6 liter engines in huge useless pick-up trucks.
Chicks are actually very very HOT. Unlike other comments said, people have cars that they drive around. They also walk, because distances are not ridiculously huge like in America.
Romania is famous for its leading scientists and researchers.
It also has a great soccer team and awsome gymnasts.
In romania people feel free because the rules are not riduculous as in other countries and people have a great social sense so they behave in an educated and nice manner not because the laws tell them to, but because they fell like it.
Visit romania for at least a couple of weeks and see this stuff by yourself.
People who are not open minded and too much used to an artificial political and social system will not see the beauty of this country
by Johnny001 November 01, 2005

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