3 definitions by Johnny doe

To kick or step on someone, using timberland boots.
"yo if that chick don't pay me she gonna get timberland up"
by johnny doe March 13, 2005
To put a pumpkin on your partner's head while penetrating him or her, While using a snicker's bar wrapper as a condom. The participant puts on a costume as quickly as he can before taking off the makeshift condom and beating him or her with a sack of candy whilst making doorbell noises. Just before ejaculation, spray him or her with the treat that is semen.
I went "trick or treating" last night.
by JOHNNY DOE October 21, 2014
A wizard with a GM name that is better then most, has good aa and is a easy to get along with fellow, but for some reason managed to make enemies.
I can't believe kadath went and pulled a liper.
by Johnny doe September 21, 2003

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