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A) An alcoholic mixture consisting of a cheap, light beer, and any type of vodka, preferrably smirnoff or better, nothing shittier than that.
B) When calling bovice, or for those of you who dont know, running a train on a female, on a female, if ever done, that certain female can now be referred to as, your bovocative.
C) The degree or the adjective used to describe the situation when either you and a buddy call bovice on a girl, or a girl and her partner do the aforementioned to you.
A) "Last night my dude created his own drink mayn, he mixed bud light and smirnoff and called that shit a bovocative."

B) "That girl that we ran a train on last night mayn, she's now one of my bovocatives."

C) "Man remember that girl i was with last night, well she called her friend to my place and shit got bovocative."
by Johnny Vulture October 17, 2007
When used in the context, we are callin' bovice, refers to runnin' a train on a female. or in the rare case that two females plan on callin' bovice...u get the picture
"Last night me and my dude called bovice on that one girl."
by Johnny Vulture October 17, 2007

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