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Hippie. Someone who believes wholeheartedly in the "free spirit", "Peace & Love", and smokes a lot of pot. Also has dreadlocks that even Rastafari look at and say how dirty they look.
"Look at the Hasher Douche. He needs to clean the bugs out of his dreads and lay off the pot!"
by Johnny The English Grammarian December 21, 2008
Bloke who wears entirely too much multi-coloured clothing, cheap gold chains, and "throwback" Jordan basketball kicks. Uses words like "cunt" entirely too often, and is more often then not a closeted homosexual. Steals hubcaps and training room locks, and talks to his "crew" about what a "thug" he is. Maybe be seen wearing a shell suit.
Guy 1 - "Look at him, he looks like an idiot! Is that a chav?"

Guy 2 - "No, he's just a Huxton Hero."
by Johnny The English Grammarian December 21, 2008
Pornography stored on your computer. Also used as code when around family members, "not so close" friends, or strangers. Of course, if they read this they'll know you're a creep.
"I'm addicted to Razzle. Luckily my Mom can't find it - password protected!"
by Johnny The English Grammarian February 23, 2009

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