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3 definitions by Johnny Teflon

A roll of pennies.
Hershel went to the bank to deposit his Jewish Burrito.
by Johnny Teflon December 15, 2010
noun. - White wine, usually of the inexpensive variety, often sold in a box.
After a box of Cougar Koolaid, she was ready for the office Christmas party.
by Johnny Teflon December 29, 2010
A young white male in his early 20's who wears a thin beard across his jawline. This individual will also sport bling, tattoos, and sports jerseys, and act in the same manner as young African American men of the same age.
See Also: Wigger
There were a bunch of Abe Lincolnbeards hanging out at the 7-11.
by Johnny Teflon December 15, 2010