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The act of displaying one's testicles outside the zipper fly, so as to create the appearance of a turkey's beard. Complete the picture by making turkey gobbles and wing flapping gestures with arms.
The party was pretty lame until Brad busted out a wild turkey.
#hang brain #tea bag #nutsack #testicles #juevos
by Johnny Stone March 31, 2006
The act of grasping one's own flaccid penis below the glans and stetching it upwards and laterally toward the right nipple. Usually performed as an insult.
Brad asked me to check out his brand-new belt buckle, but when I looked down, all I could see was a dead chicken. What a punk-ass.
#penis #cock #balls #tricks #stretch
by Johnny Stone March 31, 2006
The act of forcefully pinching one's cock and balls between the legs, then displaying the entire mess posteriorly to unsuspecting onlookers. When performed properly, the pinched junk appears to be a strangulated rat hanging from the performer's ass. See also: fruit basket
Although we were humiliated when the boat full of cheerleaders mooned us, we felt redeemed when Brad countered with a fearsome hung rat.
#mooning #cocknballs #fruit basket #nutsack #juevos
by Johnny Stone March 31, 2006
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