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Used in response to a very unfortunate event or situation, or after receiving shitty news. It is used when the term dang is not powerful enough.
Person 1: "I was fisting a ridiculously obese and unattractive transsexual midget the other night, and it got stuck on my fist and died, as you can see.."

Person 2: "Powerful dang.."
by Johnny Stinkyknuckles May 20, 2010
Slang term for vagina. They are usually pinkish in color and, if not maintained properly, emit an odor that often times is offensive. They are usually moist, though can sometimes be sloppy. They can range from hairless to bushy. Some are neat in appearance, but some are hideous and will give you horrible nightmares. Despite their many downfalls, they are usually quite pleasurable and make a delicious snack.
Person 1: "Dude, why is it that when I kiss you, I taste your sister's passion tunnel?"

Person 2: "Well, now that's because I like to feed her a bunch of pills, then immerse myself in her vaginal delights.."
by Johnny Stinkyknuckles May 23, 2010
(stink-you-puss) n. A nauseatingly stinky vagina. It may also be covered in beastlike fur, which may be a defense mechanism for keeping flies or other vermin from feeding on it, mistaking it for some shit or rotting flesh. They also have been known to have ferocious fangs capable of severing a penis, tongue, finger, or any sort of object you can stuff in there. It can sense fear, so if you encounter one, turn around, run very quickly, and find a safe place to masturbate.
Person 1: "So, how was your date with my mom last night?"

Person 2: "Not good. Are you aware that your mom's tiger print granny panties house an unholy stinkupuss?"

Person 1: "Of course. Why do you think my face is grossly disfigured and makes everyone want to throw up?"
by Johnny Stinkyknuckles May 22, 2010

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